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I think Jaimee is such a great mentor for a few reasons. First, she is passionate! You can tell she not only knows her stuff but truly enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Secondly, her style is graceful, insightful and real. She not only is able to deliver information and guidance in a way that is understood but in a way that makes you feel connected to her and her words. Lastly, Jaimee not only teaches but lives and breathes the mindset of life. Unlike many out there, she practices what she preaches, sharing not only her vast knowledge of the human body, yoga and philosophy, but also what she has learned from her own experiences. I am lucky to know Jaimee.  - Shaun

Thoughtful. Informative. Joyful.  
"SillyGeekyEncyclopiedic". Grounded and Humorous. - Charlene
Jaimee has a gift of seeing beyond my "skin" and has a clarifying way of helping me move/live more intelligently. It's like being reintroduced to myself.  Her insights are just as revealing, it's like she can see into my heart and take all the words, questions, and desires and put them into a real sentence so then I can see them. - Nimet

I felt a strong connection to Jaimee when we first met, her heart is open and it shows.  After I fell and suffered with my rehab I knew Jaimee was the one I wanted with me, by my side, to start moving my body again. She was so kind and patient with me. She has an in depth knowledge of the human body and not only did she teach me ways to move my body but she also gave me an inspired confidence to do so. At that time I so desperately needed that and still do today. Her method is beautiful, inspiring and challenging, I always walk away with confidence and inner peace.  I believe everyone feels the same connection, Jaimee not only teaches, she inspires. If I were to sum her up in a few words I would say Jaimee Shapira is kind, knowledgeable, inspiring, smart, funny, open minded, patient, big heart and beautiful. All those qualities wrapped up in one individual makes for an awesome person and awesome mentor. - Lori

Jaimee has this ability to simplify mystical-seeming/heady stuff. And you make it feel accessible. Without insulting or talking down. She pulls in bits and pieces of philosophy that are digestible and connect perfectly with the asanas. For people who have come for yoga, it becomes a different experience. We get to hear how breath and spirit and intent matter on the mat but also it’s bits about what they might look like off the mat. 
She is this wealth of knowledge and connection (meaning the way she connects the physical to the philosophical). It takes the practice to a different level. It transports and has as much meaning off the mat as on. Jaimee was the first yoga instructor to connect to something aside from the poses. I was hooked. I/we want to have a better life. And I want yoga to be a part of that. She makes it obtainable. I couldn’t even figure out my personal path—I was floating and sure that the elements I was dabbling in were close, but I was connecting. But I connected to everything she was doing in her class. The talks in the beginning were/are huge. She gives folks things to think about. So it’s not just setting an intention, but it feels like being clear about who I am and who I want to be. 
It’s spiritual. Jaimee teaches connection and finding spirit through the body. She's a goddess. Other folks are scared of the word, but she embodies this energy and it feels like if I can come to the classes I can access some of that. 
Jaimee is my teacher. I knew it. My sister-in-law even felt it in one class. I feel like people who are seeking need her classes. She is clear and make yoga feel ancient and complicated in the best ways. She is focused on what’s important to my way of thinking. Of course we all want to lose 59 pounds and look amazing. But for those of us on a journey, or seeking a journey, or hungry, that’s not what we “really” want. 
Jaimee said once that her waters run deep. And I knew right then I was not missing her class. Because I knew it was true. And it explained why I was drawn in.  
- Samantha H

  • She obviously loves what she does and that shows in every session.  It's her passion.

  • She constantly has a smile on her face.  When people come to her and they may not be in the best of moods, she inevitably cheers them up, which allows them to learn better.

  • The genuine love and respect she has for her clients makes her sessions much nicer to attend. 

  •  She has a GREAT sense of humor!  - Ron H

Jaimee is a rare gem!  She gracefully shares a vast well of knowledge leaving each and every session with layers of experience. She playfully leads individual to find something new in their lives.
You always leave Jaimee feeling as though you spent time doing something important, as though you have been in the right place, at the right time, with the right person. It is always a spirited, loving, inspiring and satisfying experience. - Patti 

Who benefits from working with me?

A leader who is ready to step up their game... 
  • Look for an edge in the market 

  • Generate more revenue  

  • See and act beyond their perceived limitations

A leader who is ready to step up their game... 
  • Look for an edge in the market 

  • Generate more revenue  

  • See and act beyond their perceived limitations

One who may be "stuck" and wants to get "unstuck" or have a great idea and not sure where to begin?
one who wants to start a business...
  • Lose weight

  • Better communicate in relationships of any kind

  • Say "good bye" to anything that is no longer considered healthy for them.


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