Saved the best for last.... 😉

It’s time to make a positive statement to move towards something bigger, something of value, but not something outside of ourselves.

This comes from 2 basic values: your own creative nature and your connection to nature.

Your creative nature may get stifled when you get caught up in “work-a-holism” that you lose attention to your deepest urges and creativity. -Everyone has something-

The connection to nature grounds us. It reminds us of all the bigger forces at play.

These statements are not desires as if you don’t have it. They are affirmative, because you do have it within. You are it.


For some, this may be the most difficult as we are so conditioned to do more, work harder etc. This requires us not to do anything. Just be, remember our true nature, state it loud and clear and then step into it. ☺️


So, feel this, read it a few times, give it room and time to play out. Extend yourself permission to make mistakes, celebrate the small things while taking these steps.. it’s a process. Enjoy the journey.



Message me with any feedback or questions.

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