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Anyone ever say “I’m fine!” While not being fine at all???

Ya.. me too.

(Here’s where you start taking deep slow breaths.. if you haven’t already)


This is a problem. Although, we “mean well” the actual damage it causes is much bigger than what you see.

Awareness is seeking to remain healthy AND also the need to reclaim the lost capacity for emotional truth.

(Animals and young children are highly competent at picking up on real emotional cues.)

By saying “I’m fine” and not being fine .. or by our words saying one thing and our bodies saying another we slowly diminish truth from our spirit. If we can allow ourselves to lie to ourselves(and others), over and over, it will rob is of fully standing in our power. If you are truly not fine, take inventory and when asked, make the response more honest. “No, I’m not ok right now, and I’m also not ready to talk about it.”


I’m sure it seems not only easy, but perhaps useless or unnecessary. But when you actually tell the truth, all the time, no matter how big or small, it will free you of things you didn’t know were binding you. It is truly of human nature to connect and any time you respond to another with closed sentences like “I’m fine” you cut off a deeper communication that isn’t even verbal. We know, and can sense the “not fine-ness” and when we choose to ask how you are, your simple lie to remove the burden of bothering us of the truth is stifling to a relationship.

There are lots of other ways than “I’m fine” in how we do this. But I’m certain we can all relate to this one.


So, feel this, read it a few times, give it room and time to play out. Extend yourself permission to make mistakes, celebrate the small things while taking these steps.. it’s a process. Enjoy the journey.



Message me with any feedback or questions.

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