This is the declaration to ourselves and the world, “we are who we are!”

More often than not we falsely equate reality with our activity or achievement in our lives.

Assertion is the very statement that that our being is independent of our history, personality, abilities or the worlds perception of us. There is absolutely no need to justify our existence.

As the above words are true. They are not easy to live truly. This very much takes work and digging into who we actually are at the deepest level. This also takes so much courage and compassion. You will start to uncover beliefs that others have instilled in you but you don’t actually believe. It takes courage to be yourself amidst the ones who “built” you. It will take courage and compassion to admit to yourself and others that your previous thoughts or actions are no longer your truth.

The fact that you are here, and alive is enough. Your journey is your own. And if we go back to previous posts in this series.. how you will know if it’s your belief or someone else’s is the feeling you get when you try to live it out. It hurts, rubs you the wrong way, gives you anxiety, it just doesn’t feel right anymore.

If I could wish one thing for all people is that they no longer live one more day on this planet seeking the acceptance of someone else. The only person that will spend your entire life with you is you and you are the only one you should live to impress. And you are already more than enough as you are, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.


Ps- courage is our next topic on our podcast “it’s ok til it’s not”💪🏼


So, feel this, read it a few times, give it room and time to play out. Extend yourself permission to make mistakes, celebrate the small things while taking these steps.. it’s a process. Enjoy the journey.



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