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The boundaries we put in place are crucial! People suffer when their boundaries are blurred. These lines drawn are invisible and are a result of a conscious internal felt sense defining who you are and what is important to you.

This is another place that “the pause” and breath is necessary until you (re)cultivate the skill of tapping into your gut.

Sometimes we are the people who let ourselves get walked on until it hurts, until everything inside of us is screaming all for the sake of “making another happy”... if this is you.. I implore you to do the work to pull away from that sooner than later.

And for some of us all we need is a small nudge or “weird feeling” to draw the line.

**We reveal our boundaries with someone the minute we meet them** So if there is someone in your life that is “taking advantage of you” somewhere in the beginning of your relationship you allowed for this to happen. If you are triggered by this statement, that’s ok too.. our triggers are direct lines to the places that need attention and healing. Use them to better yourself instead of blaming everyone else.


Remember: what YOU want and who YOU are is important.


Yes, some of your relationships will change when you start drawing the lines to a life of better importance for yourself but, it will attract people into it that are happy to treat you with the respect you demand and deserve.


And might I add, it’s also imperative to respect and observe the boundaries of others. Sometimes as outsiders, we can see when we have pushed the limit before they understand it themselves.


So, feel this, read it a few times, give it room and time to play out. Extend yourself permission to make mistakes, celebrate the small things while taking these steps.. it’s a process. Enjoy the journey.



Message me with any feedback or questions.


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