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Beauty does not mean flawless

it shines even thru your perceived limitations. It is not about perfection. It’s about confidence, charisma and character... It’s time to emerge. I have hidden behind the statement that “I could  lose my looks in a fire” for far too long. I have spent a shit ton of time cultivating inner beauty, intelligence, and don’t get me wrong, is SUPER important. But I have left the external out to dry, so to speak. I shutter at any compliment about my physical being. I spent so many years picking myself apart physically that accepting myself as anything more than individual parts that are “flawed” was not an option..let alone hear/absorb a genuine compliment from someone.

But, on this very entertaining journey called life, we are constantly surrounded by the idea of

“being whole”, striving for balance etc etc. And yesterday, my “very solid” core was rocked when I made the simple identification that until I start to love, embrace, and appreciate my external self.. the one that faces the world.. my inner work is of almost no use. Let the journey begin. I actually don’t know where to start. But starting is the key. 

I so desperately want to make a preemptive apology to those that choose to pay me a compliment that I mindlessly blow off, you know like the good ol days.. but hopefully not anymore. That behavior is behind me Please note: I am not fishing for anything.. this is staking claim to what is rightfully mine and if the missing piece to the puzzle is ME embracing my outer beauty then your compliments really have nothing to do with it.. although, dismissing them is a reflection of the lack of “work” in that department.

Shall I say, I have my work cut out for me... 

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