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Having fears is human...

...But fears aren’t facts.

The problem begins when we choose to keep our fears a secret. When we protect our fears, and keep them inside they grow larger until they become monsters.

So, I ask... what are you afraid of? Write it/them down. Talk about them. “Give them wheels” as I like to say.. once you give them a voice, you will hear/see how silly a, once very powerful and destructive thought was. And just by taking its power away and moving it out you will then have the room to enjoy the space that was once occupied by something so unfulfilling.

I had a teacher once say, remember when you were a child and at bedtime there were monsters in the closet and under the bed.. and all it took was your parent to come in and simply turn the light on to prove it was just a figment of your imagination.. What about the monsters in your mind? Perhaps, it’s time to just shine some light on them...

And what if the once seen as monsters are instead viewed as angels with messages? How long would you continue to try and shoot the messenger for?

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