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I am extremely sensitive

I am extremely sensitive. I have been shamed for my sensitivity in the past.. but if you can say that you have benefitted from my love or compassion, that is a direct result of my sensitivity. There are always 2 sides to every coin and the alternate side of that extreme love and compassion is my sensitivity to pain and suffering. I don’t just have my own, I feel everyone else’s collectively. I am not the only one who has this gift. I can imagine how many of you have been labeled sensitive or emotional in your lives. The difference between us may be what we do with it/how we handle it. Do you stuff yours and not show or express it to anyone? I did that for YEARS! Wanna know what it got me? Pain in my body. It will, one way or another, find a way to be seen/heard. So, in my progressive process I started to first understand that these feelings exist. In my heart, or in my body. Then slowly, over time, I started to share my findings with others. (It’s easiest to start with a professional. They have no attachment to your experience and they have an understanding of the process.) BUT I hope that at some point, you start to share with the people close to you. Their immediate reactions may not be what you’d like (this is their inability to connect to their feelings, so hopefully your truth has them reflect into theirs) but this process is so healing for everyone. It requires patience and trust and understanding.

I’m hurting deeply. I feel everything. I share it with people I love; in person and who care to ask otherwise. And now, I’m choosing to share it with you. I cry. A LOT. It’s my way of letting go, but not the only way. I meditate. A LOT. It’s my path to understanding. These combined will assist me thru the mess and when I come out on the other side, I’ll have a renewed sense of freedom and clarity. Until then, I’ll be with what is. No escaping, no avoidance, no excuses. Here’s to the discomfort, anxiety, sadness and chaos to paving the way.


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