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It’s not what you’re eating..

What is YOUR marker of "good health”? Have you even ever thought of that? Do you put it completely in the hands of your doctors or fitness trainer or in the opinions or suggestions of your peers, the media or influencers?

It's only because I have left my own opinion of health with each of these options and have found myself more confused than ever at one point. (And still, sometimes gets the better of me.)

When I was at my "leanest" like 10% body fat, I had more pain in my body than I can tell you. Not the "I just had one hell of a work out" kind of pain but the DEEP, in my bones kind. I was to what society and the doctors like to call "healthy" because of the way I "looked,” my body fat and BMI.

It didn't occur to me then, that the quality of my life should be the most important marker of "good health." Instead, I was WAY too focused on the external input of people who didn't know ME. NONE of these sources ever asked how I was... if I was happy... if I was surrounded by good people... when the last time I laughed was... Instead, they read the charts, took the measurements, assessed the numbers. HOW ON EARTH is someone supposed to live their life hearing they are the pinnacle of good health but every damn day was some form of immense suffering. Talk about a mind f*^k!! We are more than numbers. For every statistic, there is a human with feelings and emotions behind it. And the feelings and emotions can't be measured. I see this society turning slowly towards understanding that. It takes A LOT of unraveling of what we thought was "truth" to finally admit things change. NEWS FLASH! We are capable of changing with it, but it takes reckoning with saying what was once true for us, is no longer.

My body is not nearly as lean as it used to be, BUT I am virtually pain free and I'm strong with mobile joints. My days are not consumed with the gym, nor controlling my food. What I have gotten in return is a life full of time to dedicate to an amazing group of friends/ family with whom I love spending time with, eating with and sharing experiences. I am also no longer a prisoner to the aches/pains that used to prevent me from going anywhere or being any damn fun. 💜

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