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To Love Fully

As beautiful as the written words of love are....more important are our actions.


There is an interesting juxtaposition that happens in the stalemate of who “shows” all their love first. (Note: This is not limited to just intimate relationships) Have you ever started a sentence with “if only they would...., THEN I could be more loving”

Well... what if they weren’t doing said thing because of the absence of your love? These vacancies are energetic and pose insecurities. So the remedy is 2 fold. One is if you first express love to yourself, you create wholeness, then you can express love to others without expecting in return and enjoy what you get instead of depend on it. And two, if you are fully loving others without expectation, they most likely will show up bigger and brighter than you could have ever hoped for. .

Love is a verb.

Do it without reservation or expectation.

Even when you think it may hurt.. cause it’s not love that hurts, it’s the expectations from it that do

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