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Updated: May 7, 2018

Women like me DO exist.

We live our days to challenge.. to make it just difficult enough to reach us, so only those who are truly worthy will get to enter our precious gates.

We were not born to be f*ckin’ easy, but instead to be that storm that you find yourself surrounded in.. rains crashing through the dry ground of the mundane.

We speak softly.. knowing it’s words that not all are meant to hear. It’s whispers that come directly from our hearts.

We aren’t perfect, yet within the chaotic mess, beauty will still be found. A life that we have cultivated in privacy. We revel in not having everyone be privy to our secrets, even if at times, it looks as if we are open books. The contradictions and fears, the worry and doubt—it alls dissolves against a resolve that only those who can stand the chaos are worth our magic.

We are women whose passions spread like wings.. women who smell like freedom. We are memories and ambitions wrapped up together.. we are women on fire.. we exist.. and we are not sorry.

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