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| What Does Your Gut Say? |

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

If I would have taken my own advice some time ago, I would have had the courage to not ignore the glaring red flags that were appearing in my life over and over again—

I have this feeling that deep down inside, we are afraid of finding our own truth.

Whether the truth in question manifests in words or actions related to love, life, or career choices, we usually know a lot more than what we give ourselves credit for.

If we take a deep breath, quiet our minds and allow our soul to speak, we will find that our soul already knows the truth—and the truth is, you might not like what your soul has to say!

But. As truth-seekers and mindful, authentic beings, we must embrace the courage to listen to our inner conscience.

Whether we call it intuition, or whispers from the Universe, it has a message for us.

The trick is to be strong enough to just listen.

*If you’re a practitioner of yoga, and are curious where you make your decisions from.. see where you initiate your twists. Your head? Your heart? Or your gut?

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