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Whelp, why not start with the big one first, right?


** Remember, take a few deep breaths before you continue reading.


Before I really sat with what this means, I thought I’d ask around to others of what they think or how they use it in their lives. And the responses were various, but when I said very specifically, “how do I accept my body.” Their answers were constant with “be grateful for all the other things you like about yourself”... and where I do believe being grateful for all of those other things is so important, I’m not certain it is what was going to get me to acceptance of my body. It felt more like avoidance.

So, I dug deeper.

What I came to understand about acceptance is this: it is the willingness to recognize how and what things actually are. And the courage to “permit” the negative thinking to better inform our understanding. Ie: “this really sucks right now” or in my case specifically, “I do not like the way my physical body looks, right now”

It’s not running away from anything. It’s not running into anything. It’s just giving space or breath to what is.

I believe denial with the intent to “be positive” is worse on our psyche than the acceptance of the negative feelings you’re having right then.

This is not complacency.. it is a recognition. By just giving it attention doesn’t mean I “believe” it, it just means I don’t have to suppress it. It will occupy less space in my head if I just say, I see you.

This concept works with people, too. You can accept them without liking, loving, dating, sharing space with them. It was much easier to practice acceptance for people and their choices, than me and my own. So, feel this, read it a few times, give it room and time to play out. Permission to make mistakes, celebrate the small things while taking these steps.. it’s a process. Enjoy the journey.



Message me with any feedback or questions.


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