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I didn’t misspeak.. I mean it. ☺️ if you want or need something, give it.

There are no exceptions..

If you just said, “how can I possibly give something I don’t have??”

Let me explain.

(Disclaimer: the results aren’t instant and the “products” don’t necessarily come from the people you gave it to)

I read once, “at the end of our lives we all ask ourselves 3 questions: Did I live? Did I love? and Did I matter?” And after I read that, I found that if you give appreciation to another each day those questions become easily achieved. Imagine if every time we thought something authentically positive about another, we made the effort to tell them??? It would absolutely change the trajectory of other peoples lives (including our own) The key is that it needs to be 100% true and with NO attachments. If you are giving with the intent of getting something, it is impure. If you give money, give with no attachments to it. Consider it gone and somehow benefiting “the bigger picture”

(IMO, if you give money.. you probably shouldn’t dictate what one does with it, it’s no longer yours. Otherwise, it’s a loan and that’s for a “different post”)

Start simply. Send an unwarranted text of appreciation.. complement someone in line to get coffee (remember, you MUST mean it).

This is the “season of giving”, no better time to start.. but I challenge you to continue this for all 365 days of each year.

Here’s the only small “twist”… work on your receiving skills. Let people give to you. Even/especially the ones who you did not give to. THIS is the circle of a great life. We so often block good things that come because we are waiting for the ones we “expect” to get from and then our heart breaks and we lose trust in everyone/thing when it doesn’t happen.

Ready to give it a try????


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