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Woke... AF

One morning a few years ago I woke up.. oh, on so many levels. When I opened my eyes after a meditation I had different thoughts.. and the first one was IM ALIVE! There was no question that I wasn’t alive before this but.. this one was rooted in excitement and purpose. Then I assessed my gifts and talents, sat in gratitude for them and then made a “deal” with myself to live each day with them in tow. If I was given this, this and this.. then, what kind of jerk would I be if I let those things just sit dormant as I went thru life without utilizing them to their fullest potential. It’s like having a high performance car, but putting shitty fuel in it and never opening it up in those wide open spaces. It will break or at the very least not living up to its full potential. Even if the life you live is grinding and hustling to make ends meet (which I completely know and understand) you’ll realize that the gifts that are given to us are traits and abilities that can be applied no matter the circumstance. Let’s say for you, it’s “I’m great with numbers” I was put on this planet to crunch them...then by goodness do something everyday that you are in communion with numbers.. and if you already are, do them with all your heart! +-x=❤️😉 . I can tell when I’ve stepped away from living life this way cause my circumstances feel heavy as shit, and life looks pretty gray and daunting. These are just indicators.. it’s a constant choice and most of the days I choose actually living while I’m alive. I’ll also add that feeling, deeply feeling, is part of the process. It’s necessary.. it’s the labels that we attach to the feelings that are the “problem” (I’ll save this for a different post) until then.. find your gifts my friends and, as cliche as it sounds, share them with the world!!

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